About vidya Magazine

VIDYA Educational and Employment Magazine, which is a fortnightly which provides the information about Education, Employment related articles, Educational Institutions like Colleges, Universities details etc., since last two decades for Telugu youth, so that, the students and parents will have the right information and knowledge about the opportunities in Education / Employment fields.

“VIDYA” as a knowledge bank, Since 25 years been publishing an Educational and Employment Fortnightly Magazine “VIDYA, ” in a local language TELUGU (Third Largest INDIAN Language having nearly 99 Million Native Speakers.),received tremendous response from the Indian Professors, teachers, researchers, scholars, students and unemployed youth. Within a short span of time, our circulation reached to 50,000 copies and developed a readership of 300,000 people. Our magazine regularly reaches all Universities Colleges and Public Libraries in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states in India.We are proud to say that ours is the one and only Telugu Magazine recognized by the Indian News Paper Society (INS).

As a largest circulated Telugu Educational and Employment Fortnightly, ‘VIDYA’ has been publishing various features of reader’s interest, inclusive of details of various Indian and International Universities. It also publish about Universities to enrich the knowledge for the students who are looking forward to pursue their careers globally.

Vidya Magazine gives complete information about Universities to the prospective students and their Parents.