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January 16-31, 1995 Civil Services Prelims Special
Our Universities
Special Interview with Dr.V.L. Dutt

February 1-15, 1995 Interview with IAS Study circle director
Telugu Academy - An Overview
Our Excise Policy
T.S.Chanakya Army article

February 16-28, 1995 Sky is the limit - Personality Development
Agriculture Policy - Perspectives and Losses

March 16-31, 1995 Small Scale Industries
K.L. Institute Youth Festival
Details of JNU Courses

April 1-15, 1995 How to write an Essay
Educational Institution in Australia
An overview about the Budget

April 16-30, 1995 How to write an Essay (II Part)
Biography of Morarji Desai
Education Festival at Anantapur
A Report Five-Year Plans
Ancient Andhra Pradesh History

May 1-15, 1995 Interview with EDCET Convener
The Present History
A Special Story on Un-employment
About Armstrong

May 16-31, 1995 Details of Study Loans
SARC Summit
Censor Board
How the Vitamins work

June 1-15, 1995 Kashmir - A Special Report

August 1-15, 1995 Special Report on Tehri Dam
VAT - Special Story
Common Civil Code - Is it Possible?

August 16-31, 1995 A Dare Woman Aang San Suki

September 1-15, 1995 Karachi - A Burning Story
Enron Story

September 16-30, 1995 Paaturi - Success story
Train Accident - Special Report
Indo-China Treaty
Space Station Indian Constitution - a Review

October 16-31, 1995 Students - Eye Care
Essay writing
Chandra Swamy in turmoil
What is the Problem of Sri Lanka

November 1-15 1995 Total Solar Eclipse
Essay Writing Competition
Dr. Anji Reddy Success story
UNO Silver Jubilee Celebrations
Narmada Bachao Andolan

November 16-30,1995 Workshop on Psychological Problems
Prizewinning Essay - What is happening in Israel?

December 1-15, 1995 A Report on Bogus Universities
Special Essay Down trend of Rupee Value
Kashmir Autonomy - Special Report

January 1-15, 1996 Raj Kamal Raviteja Success story
Essay Writing
Sri Lanka Violence
Special Story Important issues Nigeria in Dictatorship
Important Persons in Indian History

January 16-31 1996 Special Story Hawala
World Guide
Important Persons in Indian History

March 1-15, 1996 District's Analysis
World Guide
History of Telugu people
Chechnya - Special Story
Japan Political Analysis
IAS Officer Interview

March 16-30,1996 1996-1997Railway Budget
1996-1997 Yearly General Budget
History of Telugu people
District's Analysis
Sri K.V.K Special Interview
Saddam Hussein
Special Story Alexander

April 1-15, 1996 Sri K.V.S. Raju's Special Interview
IAS Topper's Interview

April 16-31, 1996 District's Analysis
Parliament elections
Special Story Bangladesh
Special Story Taiwan Dispute
Victory of Indian Space center
Civil Services - Special Story

May 1-15, 1996 How to prepare for EAMcet
Time Management
Pennar owner - Special Interview
Okinawa Dispute ICRISAT - Special Story
IAS Topper's Interview
History - Time to Time

May 16-31, 1996 PMRY - Analysis
Crane Subba Rao - Special Interview
After 10th Class
Special Story in Iran Parliament

June 1-15,1996 Vajpayee - our new Prime minister
B.V.Rao - Special Interview
New Constitution of South Africa

June16-30, 1996 Deve Gowda - our new Prime minister
Asian Countries
Capitals in Indian History
11th Lok Sabha Election Analysis
World Guide
Lok Sabha Speakers-Special Story

July 1-15, 1996 AIDS - Special Story
Financial Critical Position in Andhra Pradesh
Bangladesh Parliament Political Analysis

July16-31, 1996 Dr. Reddy's Group chairman's success story
APPSC Chairman Special Interview
PoK - Special Story
Ramesh Gelli - Special Interview
Belgium Education
Almatti - Special Story
Buddhism in History

August 1-15, 1996 G-7 Countries Conference
Seshan - The winner of Magsassay award
SPY Reddy Special Interview
S.F.C Zonal manager Special Interview
IAS Topper Interview
Future of Congress

August 16-31, 1996 IAS Topper Interview
Education in Canada
DCL Raju Special Interview
Budget - Special Review

September 1-15, 1996 Denmark Education
Cyber Veer Narayana Interview Success story
Smt Anjani Interview
Democracy in Indonesia - Special Story
Anti Terrorism Conference
Sachin's Life history

September 16-30, 1996 Nepal - Special Story
Constitution of India
Distance Educationist Abraham Interview
IAS topper Interview
Burundi - Rwanda Analysis
Five-Year Plans
Philippines Revolution
Cyprus Problem
Mother Theresa - Special Story  

October 1-15, 1996 IAS topper Interview
Dr. Ganga Raju Interview
B.Ed Colleges Information  

October 16-31, 1996 The New Leader of Congress
Thailand Special Story
Netanyahu Conference

November 1-15 1996 Bio Fertilizers in Andhra Pradesh
Dispute of Sin kaki Islands
Mercury MD Sankar's Success Story
December 1-15, 1996
Mudra Krishnamurthi Success Story
Finland Dispute
IAS topper Interview

December 16-31, 1996 Ramalinga Raju Success Story
Net Work View
Miss world Irena

January 1-15, 1997 Indo-China Treaty
India - Bangladesh Relations

January 16-31, 1997 2nd World Telugu Conference
SAARC - Special Story
WTO - Special Story

February 1-15, 1997 Small Scale Industry - Special story
Diabetes - Reddy's Group New Drug

February 16-28, 1997 Public Service Commission Secretary Special Interview
Blow - out Chechnya dispute
IAS Topper Interview

April 1-15, 1997 Winning tips for MBA Entrance  
Venkaiah Naidu Success Story

April 16-31, 1997 Ecuador - Special Story
Cloning an analysis

May 1-15, 1997 Mullapudi Harishchandra Prasad Success Story

May 16-31, 1997 Pardhasaradhi Reddy Success Story

June 1-15,1997 Murali Mohan Success Story  Briton Election Analysis

June 16-30, 1997 Aluru J.J. Prasad Success Story

July 1-15, 1997 M.M. Gupta Special Interview
Mile Stones of Indian Space Center

July 16-31, 1997 Dasari Jai Ramesh Success Story

August 1-15, 1997 Dr. Kakarla Subba Rao Success Story

September 1-15, 1997 Orchid Raghavendar Rao Success Story

September 16-30, 1997 Yarlagadda Sambhu Prasad Success Story  
Tajikistan Peace Treaty
Dr. C. Narayana Reddy in Rajya Sabha

October 1-15, 1997 Ambika Krishna Success Story
IAS Topper Interview

October 16-31, 1997 Kumar Pumps Owner's Success Story

November 1-15 1997 Malladi Special Interview
Vietnam - Special Story

December 1-15, 1997 Dhaka Declaration
Dr. D.R. Rao Success Story  
IAS Topper Interview

December 16-31, 1997 Nutrine Vikram Reddy Success Story

January 1-15, 1998 India's future Prime minister
AP Residential Schools
Dr. Ramesh Success Story  
I.F.S. Course Review  
M.S. Subba Lakshmi Special Story
Budget Review

February 16-28, 1998    Swathi Bala Ram Success Story  
Rajiv Murder Special Story

March 1-15, 1998 Chukka Palli Pichaiah Success Story
Very Important Issues of World

March 16-31, 1998 
India's New Prime minister Vajpayee
EAMcet Convener Special Interview

April 1-15, 1998 New cabinet
State Govt. Budget  

April 16-31, 1998 12th Lok Sabha Speaker
Vote on Account Budget
M.B.A. Guidance
A.P.R.J.C. Convener Interview
Oscar Awards Venkiah Naidu Interview
Edcet Convener Interview
Sri Venkateswara University P.G. Courses
M.K.Sukumar Interview
Cricket Story

May 1-15, 1998 Pak's Ghori
Nedcap - Special Story

May 16-31, 1998 President's Peru visit

June 1-15,1998 AWARE Madhavan Interview
Secretarial Ability Review Foreign Job

June 16-30, 1998 Minister Chandra Mohan Reddy Interview
Soccar Games

July 1-15, 1998 Uttam Interview Success Story
Duplicate Universities  

July 16-31, 1998 Vasireddy Amarnath Success Story
India Missile - Special Story

August 1-15, 1998 C.M.E.Y.Minister Chandra Mohan Reddy Interview
Army Opportunities - Special Story

August 16-31, 1998 Youth Ministers interview
Prabhakar Reddy Success Story
Un Employment in India
India - America Relations
Youth Services Commissioner Interview
SAARC conference
Goa Governor Review

September 1-15, 1998 Chandrababu Naidu Interview
Hitech city - Special Story
JanmaBhumi - Special Story
Prakasm to Chandrababunaidu - Special Story
India - China Relations
Kaveri River
Andhra Paradesh Development Analysis

September 16-30, 1998 A.P.P.S.C. Chairman Interview
D.T. Ravi   Success Story  
World working Style analysis
Our Prime ministers
IAS Toppers Interview
Special Story on NAM Conference  

October 16-31, 1998 President - Special Story
Thripuraneni Hanuman Choudhary   Success Story

November 1-15 1998 Ministers Interview
Krishna Reddy Success Story
Amarthya Sen - Special Story  

November 16-30 1998 Smt Rama Devi Success Story
Peace in West Asia

December 1-15, 1998 Koneru Hampi Special Story
Devineni VenkataRamana Interview
India's Satellites

December 16-31, 1998 Election Review
A.P.P.S.C - Special Story
An Interview of M.B.A Convener

April 16-30 1999 Clinton' War Games
Angsan Suki
Constitutional Dispute in Tamil Nadu

May 1-15, 1999 D.Sc Selection
Agni missile - Special Story
INSAT Satellite

May 16-31, 1999 Cricket World cup
Court Judgement in Rajiv murder case

July 1-15, 1999 Kargil Special Story
Vision 2020

July 16-31, 1999 Kargil Special Story
G-8 countries conference
India - Bangladesh Relation

August 1-15, 1999 Y2k Problems Special Story

August 16-31, 1999 Sachin
Banaras University V.C. Interview

September 1-15, 1999 Narmada Dispute
Lok Sabhas Up to date

September 16-30, 1999 Turkey Special Story
Multipurpose projects

October 1-15, 1999 Our Prime minister Vajpeyee
Japan Education

October 16-31, 1999 East Timor Special Story
Y 2k Problem
Sri Chowdhary Interview

November 1-15 1999 New State Government
Millennium Elections

November 16-30 1999 State Cabinet
Magic in History

December 1-15, 1999 Comman Wealth Countries Review
Cyclone in Orissa
Charge Sheet in Bofors

December 16-31, 1999 T. Seetaram Interview
I.A.S.Toppers Interview

January 1-15, 2000 Nobel Prizes

January 16-31, 2000 V.C. Gopi Special Interview
Ozone Protection

February 1-15, 2000 Sea Ports in India

February 16-29, 2000 Stephen Hawking - Special Story

March 1-15, 2000 Water Picture Review
Stephen Hawking - Special Story
Foreign Education - Britain

March 16-31, 2000 Teachers Recruitment
Stephen Hawking - Special Story
Budget - 2000

April 1-15, 2000 Governors - Review
Stephen Hawking - Special Story

April 16-30, 2000 Clinton in India
Russia President

May 1-15, 2000 Mach Fixing
Exam Fever
Ayyadevara Anantha Krishna Rao Success Story

May 16-31, 2000 How to prepare Exams
Almatti Judgement - Review
Foreign Education - Germany

June 1-15, 2000 Miss Universe Lara Datta
Critical Position in Sri Lanka
100 Crore Population in India

June 16-30.2000 Critical Position in Fizi
Vijaya Krishna Success Story
Central cabinet

July 1-15, 2000 Match Fixing - Special Story
L.T.T.E. Special Story

July 16-31, 2000 Kashmir Autonomy - Special Story
Human Genome - Special Story

August 1-15, 2000 Telugu Pundits Guidance

August 16-31, 2000 Women Grand Master Vijayalakshmi
Critical Position in Fiji

September 1-15, 2000 Center State Relations
Three Special States
Visa - Special Story

October 1-15, 2000 Sydney Olympics
Chief ministers Conference

October 16-31, 2000 Karanam Malleswari Success Story

November 1-15 2000 Putin India Tour
Nobel Prizes

December 1-15, 2000 U.S.A. Elections
New States - Chief ministers
Critical Position in West ASIA

December 16-31, 2000 India Shining in Space
Raj Kumar Kidnap - Special Story
Zero based Budget

January 16-31, 2001 Bush Victory
Chess Winner Anand
Gokaraju Gangaraju Success Story
Miss World
World Telugu Conferences  
Nandi Awards

February 1-15, 2001 V.C.Venkata Rami Reddy Inteview
Ramana Reddy Success Story

February 16-28, 2001 Gujarath Earth Quake
Ravi Kumar Interview
Bharat Ratna Awards
America Presidents
Li Peng Tour

March 1-15, 2001 Sevla Nayak Interview

March 16-31, 2001 World Diary
Telugu Academy Director Success Story
Budget Analysis
Icet Convener interview

April 1-15, 2001 Ecet Convener interview
Mile Stones in Women Story
Gopoi Chand Interview

April 16-30, 2001 Mir - Special Story

June 1-15, 2001 Election Result
CIEFEL Registrar Interview
Awards - Winners

June 16-30.2001 Education Departments
Exam Preparation

August 1-15, 2001 Education Guide

September 1-15, 2001 Sri Chandra Mouli Interview
Lok Sabha Details
Bio - data

September 16-30, 2001 Countries - Currencies
AIDS - Special Story

October 1-15, 2001 L.B.Acadamy
D.V. Manohar Interview
Durban Conference
Aswani SubbaRao Interview

December 1-15, 2001 Interviews of New V.C's
Afghan future?

December 16-31, 2001 New Cabinet
Murali Krishna Interview
Interviews of New V.C's

January 1-15, 2002 Cover Story
Nirudyogula Sankaravam
Indo - Japan
Ravindra Nadham Interview

January 16-31, 2002 Pak Fight
Cover Story
New Year...
A.P.P.S.C Chairman

February 1-15, 2002 Cover Story
India - Britain Relations
A.P.R.J.C. Schools

February 16-28, 2002 Padma Awards
Fight with Terrorism
I.V. Subba Rao Interview
Space - Special Story
Krishna Rao Interview
C.A.Topper Interview

March 1-15, 2002 National Games

April 1-15, 2002 Village Development - Agriculture

April 16-30, 2002 Important Persons
Oscar Awards
Different Operations
Briz Kishor

July 1-15, 2002 New President
Another World
Almatti - Special Story
Sakar News

July 16-31, 2002 Business Persons
Venkaiah Naidu
Soccer winner Brazil

August 1-15, 2002 Dheeru Bhai Ambani - Special Story
D.G.P Pervaram Ramulu Special Inteview

August 16-31, 2002 Mr. Kamala Vardhana Rao Interview
Cricket King Kapil
Vice President Krishna Kant

September 1-15, 2002 Mr. Venugopala Chari Interview
Common Wealth Games

September 16-30, 2002 C.M.E.Y
Mr. J.S.Reddy Interview
Cuddapa - Special Issue
Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy Interview

October 1-15, 2002 Mr. Mohan Kanda Interview

October 16-31, 2002 Kashmir Election
Noble Prizes
Busan Games
Five years plan

December 16-31, 2002 Mr. Urvi Naga Bhushana Rao Interview
National Games

January 16-31, 2003 Veerappan - Special Story
SAARC - Special Story

February 16-28, 2003 America War
New Governor - Burnala

April 1-15, 2003 A.P.P.S.C Special Story
Cover Story
Budget analysis

April 16-30, 2003 Mohan Kanda Success Story
S.R.R.Special Story
Oscar awards

May 1-15, 2003 Dooradarshan C.E.O K.S.Sarma Success Story
G.O 94 -Special Story

May 16-31, 2003 Rayasam Venkata Ramyya Success Story
Vavilala - Special Story

June 1-15, 2002 SAARC - Special Story
Justice Venkata Rami Reddy Success Story
Nuclear Power

June 16-30, 2002 National consumer Forum Member Rajya Lakshmi Success Story

July 1-15, 2002 Justice Eeswara Prasad Success Story
Central Cabinet
Engineering Colleges

July 16-31, 2003 Justice Jaya Chandra Reddy Success Story
Sraman Kumar Interview

August 1-15, 2002 D.T.A President Nag Raju Success Story
Sania Mirza - Special Story

August 16-31, 2002 Aavula Sambasiva Rao
Magsassey Awards

September 1-15, 2003 U.P.P.S.C Time Table
National Open School-Special Story

September 16-30, 2003 Cover Story

October 1-15, 2003 Pervaram Ramulu - Interview
Information minister Interview
American Education - Special Story

October 16-31, 2003 Gate
IAS - Special Article

November 1-15, 2003 Mother Theresa
Noble Prizes
CRPF - Special Article

November 16-30, 2003 Noble Prizes

December 1-15, 2003 Chief Ministers
Dr. I.V. Subbarao Success Story

January 1-15, 2004 Election review

January 16-31, 2004 Special Interview with ATA President A.V.S. Reddy
Karl Marx - Special Article

February 1-15, 2004 SAARC Conference

February 16-28, 2004 Special Interview with Election Commissioner T.S.Krishna Murthy

March 1-15, 2004 Special Interview with Dr.Somaraju

March 16-31, 2004 Election's Review
Special Interview with Dasaradhi Rangacharya

April 1-15, 2004 Election's review
Special Interview with Smt. Hemalatha

April 16-30, 2004 C.R. Prasad Success Story

May1-15, 2004 Books & Authors

May 16-31, 2004 After 10th Class What Next?

June 1-15, 2004 Election Review
Our Prime minister Man Mohan sing
Chief Minister Y.S.Raja Sekhara Reddy

June 16-30, 2004 Sr. IAS Officer Ramana Chari Success Story

July 1-15, 2004 Budget Special article
Sasana Mandali

July 16-31, 2004 Saddam - Special Story
Professor Simhadri  Success Story

August 1-15, 2004 Budget Special Story
Special Interview with D.S.Murthy

August 16-31, 2004 Special Interview with Media Advisor Prime minister  Sanjay Baru  Success Story

September 1-15, 2004 Special Interview with T. SubbiramiReddy

September 16-30, 2004 Special Interview with Senior IAS Officer C.S.Rao Interview

October 1-15, 2004 Special Interview with I.T. Commissioner Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy

October 16-31, 2003 Special Interview with Senior IAS officedr V.Nagi Reddy
Veera Savarkar - Special article

November 1-15, 2003 J.N.T.U - Special Story
Special Interview with Sudheesh

November 16-30, 2004 Special Interview with Dr. Rama Raju

December 1-15, 2004 Special Interview with Undavalli Arun Kumar
Arafat Special Story
W.T.F. - Special Story

December 16-31, 2004 Special Interview with WTF Convener
J.S.Reddy Interview
Special Interview with WTF Vice- President
Sucharitha Reddy Interview

January 1-15, 2005 Special Interview with Dr. K.Lakshmi Narayana
UNO - Special Story
M.S. Subbalakshmi Special Story

January 1-15, 2005 (Special Issue) Special Interview with Dr. Mullapudi Venkata Ratnam
Global Warming - Special Story
Part Time Jobs - Special Story

January 16-31, 2005 Special Interview with H. Srinivas
World Telugu Federation Conference
P.V. NarasimhaRao - Special Story

February 1-15, 2005 Special Interview with Sri Siva Sagara Rao
Education Guide

February 16-28, 2005 Special Interview with V. Satya Murthi
Our Universities

March 1-15, 2005 Special Interview with Navaneetha Krishna
Corporate Schools - Special Stories
Career in Banking - Special Story

March 16-31, 2005 Success Story of Burra Venkatesam IAS
Details of Adolfi University (USA)
Budget Analsis

April 1-15, 2005 Success Story of Sri D.Srinivas (Minister for Rural Dev.)
Details of Brandis University (USA)
The World Guide (About Algeria)
Alighar Muslim University

April 16-30, 2005 Success Story of Sri Madhu (Nizamabad M.P)
Details of California Institute of Technology (USA)
The World Guide ( About Angola)
Alahabad University

May 1-15, 2005 Success Story of Sri B.V.Choudary (Singapore)
Success Story of Sri T.Prakash Rao (Singapore)
Success Story of Sri K.P.Muni Ratnam (Singapore)
Success Story of Sri V.Satyamurty (Singapore)
Columbi University
The World Guide (Anguilla)
Alahabad Ag. University

May 16-31, 2005 Success Story of Sri N.Mukteswar Rao IAS
Case Western University
All India Institute of Medical Sciences
The World Guide (Antigua)

June 1-15, 2005 Special Article - ISRO
Duke University (USA)
Prominent Personalities
The World Guide (New Zealand)
Amaravathi University
Historical in India
Prakasham Dist. Information

June 16-30, 2005 Indiana University (USA)
The World Guide (Argentina)
Andhra University
Nellore Dist. Information

July 1-15, 2005 Harvard University (USA)
The World Guide (Armenia)
Anna University
Kurnool Dist Information

July 16-31, 2005 Special Interview with Dr. Anumolu Subba Rao (USA)
Annamalai University Details
TANA - Celebrations at Detroit
About Jinna
Dr.Burtain, President of Portland Uni. (USA) Interview
The World Guide - Australia

August 1-15, 2005 Special Interview with Prof. Mulpuri Venkat Rao(USA)
Assumption University (USA) Details
Bangalore University Details
The World Guide - Austria
APPSC Chairman Prof. Venkatarami Reddy Spl.
Ananthapoor Dist Information

August 16-31, 2005 Special Interview with P.Malla Reddy (USA)
Prime Minister USA Tour - Review
Adilabad Dist. Information
The World Guide - Azarbaizan
Berhampur University Details

September 1-15, 2005 Special Interview with Prof. Ramachandram
Discovery- Review
Success Story of Smt. Laxmi Rao (USA)
Khammam Dist. Information
The World Guide - Behrain
Bharatiyar University Details
Harward University Details

September 16-30, 2005 Special Interview with Dr. Mohan Mallam (USA)
Prime Minister Media Advisor Dr.Sanjay Baru Press Conference.
Prime Minister Afghan Tour - Review
Kurnool Dist. Information
The World Guide - Bangladesh
Bharatidasan University Details
UPPSC-2006 Schedule
American Intercontinental University Details

October 1-15, 2005 Special Interview with Dr.C.M.Prasad (USA)
Prime Minister France Tour - Review
Kareem Nagar  Dist. Information
The World Guide - Barbedous
Bharati Vidya Peeth Details
Georgia  University of Technology (USA)
Scholarships - Inalka  Foundation

October 16-31, 2005 Special Interview with Dr.B.Hanumaih (USA)
Hyderabad  Dist. Information
The World Guide - Bhutan
Viswa-Bharati University Details
Swansea University (UK) Details
Singapore Edn. Minister Interview
Scholarships - K.C.Mahindr Foundation

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