Statement of Purpose

In your Statement of Purpose show you are..

  1. Passionate about your chosen field of study
  2. Schools want to hear that you have a passion for a subject, because you are more likely to pursue it with vigor and you may go on to do great things
  3. Well prepared for graduate school Schools want to hear that you are well prepared because they want you to succeed, and your effort and abilities will likely impact their research
  4. A great fit for their program Committees want to know that you have taken the time to learn about their program and have found that your interests align with their research areas, and that they have capabilities and knowledge that you hope to use to build your expertise

Statement of Purpose

contents same as PS but no story telling tone

Separate para: Start with long term goals

Separate para: Academic info about BS and MS (if applicable)

Separate para: Academic or research or technical skills or achievements. Followed by awards or honors. Internships or training. Work experience.

May be separate para: Any non academic achievements i.e. volunteer work, organization skills, sports etc Separate para: All above makes you an ideal candidate for the position