Student Benefits

Selection of proper University with accreditation and research capabilities Exploring various funding opportunities and Assistantships (e.g. graduate, teaching, research etc.

  1. Apply to an university with less international population
  2. Have a high level of understanding about US education, rules and regulations
  3. Clarity regarding various advanced programs offered and their deadlines
  4. Identify from earlier semesters about the potential universities to apply Inculcate practical way of learning through active research
  5. Consider applying to PhD positions directly instead of Masters program
  6. Explore numerous scholarship, fellowship, assistantship opportunities First-hand information from University officials, Research Professors and Current Students.
  7. Advanced programs like Information Systems, Data Analytics, Nano- Technology, Bio-Informatics.
  8. Take advantage of exploring and enhancing entrepreneurial skills at incubation centers.
  9. Capable of conducting and contributing creative, independent, innovative research at a higher level. Scope to increase managerial skills along with Technical expertise.
  10. Scope to work hands on at "state of the art" research laboratories and "technology centers”.
  11. Create innovative patented technologies and next generation products once into research.
  12. Work under the guidance of distinguished researchers and scientists.
  13. Great funding opportunities to commercialize research ideas.
  14. Numerous opportunities to conduct inter disciplinary collaborative research