Mission and Vision

Education is the foundation for human experience. It molds the overall personality of an individual. Studying in the USA, the global destination for education is a dream for many students.


The trust is committed to make media as a vehicle and bring out a fortnightly ‘VIDYA’ to transform youth of today to be part of a healthy society of tomorrow by infusing character and good conduct in youth, a force to reckon with.Established in 1995, the Vidya magazine has been catering the needs of young children.


Education is a process by which an individual is encouraged and enabled to develop his or her potential; the ultimate vision is to make him or her as a productive member of society. In educating an individual besides knowledge skills should also be imparted and take the process of learning to transform the student enable him or her to explore the hidden potential within and acquire for effective in implementation of their skills into their day to life.